24 November 2009

Jasper Reports - Getting Started

I've been exploring the functionality of Jasper Server Reports.

For this, I'm using Jasper Server reports & iReport version 3.5.0. This is available from SourceForge. There is a version for Windows (jasperserver-3.5.0-windows-installer.exe)
and Linux/Solaris/Mac (jasperserver-3.5.0-linux-installer.bin).

We're going to use the windows version.

Once you've downloaded the package, you need to execute it. If you're just evaluating the software, choose the defaults to use the Tomcat, MYSQL and iReport packaged with the executable. If you're evaluating, install the sample reports.

Once you've done that, with Jasper Server started, the web interface is available with http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/login.html.

There are two or three logins already there, jasperadmin/jasperadmin (the administrator) and joeuser/joeuser (an ordinary user).

Login as jasperadmin, and then, nn the tree, click on Reports to display the list of reports:

Jasper Server Reports List of reports

And clicking on one of the reports (Employee List) displays the report in the web page:

Jasper Server Reports Employee List Report

If this is displayed correctly, then Jasper Reports is installed correctly.

We're ready to start exploring the reports themselves Next>>

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