16 December 2009

Jasper Reports - How to update an existing Jasper Server report

In the previous article, we deployed a report to the Jasper Server.

This time, we'll update an already deployed report.

There are two parts to updating a report deployed to Jasper Server: You can update the properties of the Report Unit, and you can update the report itself. To update the properties of the Report Unit (the name, the description, the data source), you can right-click on the report and select Properties:

Jasper Reports report unit properties

Note that a change to the properties in the Report Unit is available immediately, as soon as you save the changes.

To update the definition of a report, the JRXML file, you need to right-click on the JRXML file for this Report Unit, and select Open in Editor:

jasper reports open jrxml in editor

This creates a temporary jrxml file that you can edit:

jasper reports temporary jrxml file

You can make a modification and then save the file :

jasper reports changed file

This is only saved locally. To deploy these changes to the server, you need to select the jrxml in the navigator and select ‘Replace with current jrxml’. To select this option, you’ll need to be in the Designer tab:

jasper reports replace with current jrxml

This takes the local file and sends it to the server. The report has been updated on the server:

jasper reports updated report

Next, we'll look at adding parameters to the reports. Next>>

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